Instant Gratification

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Exercise
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Why is it that on a regular basis I get emails from people asking me to give them a last minute, crash diet/workout so they can look good at their wedding, trip to Cancun, photo shoot, etc.? Even more frustrating are the clients who have hired me to develop a holistic and healthy approach to losing fat/gaining muscle that want the “quick fix” trick to get ripped in two days. I don’t claim to be the best trainer in the world, but I do like to believe that over the past 19 years of my fitness career, I have gleaned a modicum of knowledge and experience that proves true time and time again the old adage, “All good things come to those that wait.”

Muscle doesn’t magically jump onto your body because you did the most recent workout from Muscle and Fiction magazine. Fat doesn’t just ::POOF:: disappear overnight because you ate asparagus and swallowed a bottle of XYZ supplement.

There is a reason that I have the Japanese kanji for “Patience” tattooed on my left forearm. It helps me to remind myself (and hopefully my clients) that getting results comes by way of accumulating little changes, day-in and day-out, over time. Perhaps instead of trying to manipulate your carbohydrates or sodium, you should put in the consistent work needed to drop your body fat down to the level that is required of your physique goals. Perhaps instead of changing resistance training plans haphazardly every week, stick to a science founded program that is periodized to maximize long term results. Maybe I am just using too much wishful thinking, but it sure would be nice if people tried a little harder to live a healthy/fitness based LIFESTYLE instead of going at it with the “weekend warrior” approach.

I’ll end with a question I ask of all of my clients, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is of course, one bite at a time…


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