About Jason

Straight out of high school I moved to Las Vegas to go to school at UNLV.  I worked many eclectic jobs over the years, from retail management to athletic-wear modeling. A short stint in corporate finance helped me to realize that I wasn’t cut out for a shirt and tie job; I needed to get my hands dirty with the people.  I became a personal trainer and never looked back.  With over 18 years of experience changing people’s lives, I’ve found my calling is in giving people the control back over their world. I’m a psychologist, a sociologist, a physical therapist, a nutritionist and a best friend all rolled into one.
I share my love for fitness in many ways.  As a personal trainer, I have a direct means of conveying fitness to the masses, but I tend to find a great deal of fulfillment in my speaking engagements as well.  I am a guest lecturer at UNLV for sociology, kinesiology and sports psychology classes.  I work with the Clark County School District by lecturing on childhood obesity to all of the teachers in Las Vegas . Quite honestly, Ill hop up on a soap box in any random setting and filibuster on health and fitness to anyone who will listen.
In my free time, I love to train in both the martial arts and culinary arts. What could be labeled as an odd dichotomy, actually works quite well together.  I train in Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai  here in Las Vegas and cook amazing food for my friends and family.  The challenges I place on my body through exercise needs to be tempered with great food to keep me healthy and full of life.  I have just chosen to make that food taste great and be good for me by learning as much as possible in the ways the of culinary arts.  Bobby Flay meets Georges St Pierre is how I like to look at it.

Some of my personal training credentials:

NASM – CPT (Certified personal trainer)

NASM – CES (Corrective exercise specialist)

NASM – PES (Performance enhancement specialist)

NASM – SFS (Sports fitness specialist)

NASM – IFS (Integrated flexibility specialist)







NESTA – CMMACC (Certified MMA conditioning coach)

KFIT – Kettlebell Instructor


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